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@future-teacher-7046 How feasible would it be to develop “OR” operators for adding metrics (with Mixpanel data source)?
Probably not too hard
It's really easy to just give you a javascript input where you can write whatever conditions you want.
i mean sure I can javascript
just for some context, my use case right now is I have two different IDs that I need to track as part of an event, so ideally I can just so “Event Name” where property = a or property = b
If that’s something you guys can jazz up, would be great. In the meantime, I have to make one metric per unique ID and that makes it difficult to fully understand the results
Raw javascript input is the fastest to implement. I can see us adding more operators in the future too, like
is in the list
. Also, last week we just launched support for "OR" in the event name. So you can now do something like
Viewed Cart OR Purchased
to match multiple events.
Happy to get a raw JS input 🙂
Not sure I’m seeing the OR in the event name… maybe not for Mixpanel data source?
It's still just a single text input, but you can now type "OR" to separate multiple event names
It copies the syntax Mixpanel uses for their custom events
Actually, I just realized we already have regular expression support. You can use that match against multiple values.
operator is a regular expression match.
ah cool
cool lets see if this works
got an error
do I need to wrap it in parenthesis myself?
nope that didnt do it either
Looks like that event property doesn't exist for every event
We should fix that on our end. For now, for the property name can you try this?
Copy code
how do I input that into the UI?
Instead of
in the condition
great that seems to have successfully queried, let me check now that its actualy the right data