hey all - QQ - we just recently broke our front-en...
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hey all - QQ - we just recently broke our front-end off into a Nextjs app. We're about to run our first experiment since, and I'm just trying to work out all the pieces in my head. Presumably what we have to do now if we want to carry an experiment between the FE/BE is drop some sort of cookie with a reference to the version they should see, and then put them in that version in the backend. Is that right? Follow up Q - I know we can temporarily force a user to see a version, which we've been using for debug purposes - is that how we'd implement the forcing into a version requirement?
There are a few options. All of our SDKs use the exact same hashing algorithm, so as long as the user id is the same, the SDKs will return the same assigned variation. So you could either just share the user id between the front end and back end. Or you pass the assigned variation to the back end. Either way will work.
For debugging, we have a Chrome devtools extension that works with the React SDK. It lets you quickly force variations on the front end.
got it! thanks @future-teacher-7046
we'll do that for carrying the versions through