Hi all! I'm trying to do a count distinct metric. ...
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Hi all! I'm trying to do a count distinct metric. We're trying to measure "unique user follows" aka, for a given user in a control/treatment group in this experiment, how many new, unique follows do they add w/in the experiment time window. There's probably a way to smooth out repeat follows that gets close-ish to a count distinct (e.g. some kind of rolling window that grabs the first follower/followee event in a given 7-day span or something similar). But we also have another use case for this type of metric where that kind of pre-growthbook modeling wouldn't work so well. Any ideas about how to do this in growthbook? And/or I'd love to add a feature request for this type of metric!
Hi Quinn. Are you trying to de-duplicate multiple of the same follow during an experiment? Or are you trying to exclude follows that are repeats of ones done before the experiment started?
Multiples of the same follow during the experiment, most of which are from people following/unfollowing/refollowing in quick succession.
I think we have several use cases for this though where we conceivably could do some kind of sorta-complicated smoothing/modeling before the data gets to growthbook but it'd be annoying & maybe compute-intensive, and a count distinct over the whole experiment period would make it way easier
Other one I can think of off the top of my head is we like to measure "distinct chat-channels a user sent a message in", which isnt as conducive to a simple "de-dupe over x time period / rolling window" kind of solution. Bc a user might be jumping around and posting in those different chat channels across different time scales
I think this is almost possible in GrowthBook. We let you specify the per-user aggregation (defaults to
). You could in theory do something like
COUNT(distinct follow_id)
instead. However, we currently don't let you add custom columns like
. I think adding support for that would be fairly simple though.
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Ah cool! Where can I change the per-user aggregation? I don't see it in the "edit metric" view EDIT: Ah, found it! You have to switch to the "Query Builder" in Edit metric > Query Settings
Aha okay so I think you do support this right now actually, right?(!) Haha had just never poked around in the "query builder" screen before.
I believe this does what I want it to do, which is count the distinct users-followed w/in the experiment's time-frame