Hey guys! We'd like to run an experiment based on ...
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Hey guys! We'd like to run an experiment based on users that signed up past a certain date. Only these users would be eligible to be included in a said experiment. Any thoughts on how one would do this? Also hi, I'm a software engineer at BoldVoice 😄
Hi David. You can do that with targeting attributes in the SDK. 1. Go to settings -> attributes and you can create a new attribute called
or something like that 2. Pass that attribute into the SDK in your app 3. When you add an experiment to a feature, you can add a targeting condition based on that attribute
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Didnt see a native type for dates and couldnt find any numeric GTE operators in the rules dropdown
For dates, we recommend converting them to strings in the attributes. We do support a GTE operator for strings, but it looks like it's missing from the dropdown in the UI. We can fix that. If you go to advanced mode, you can enter it manually in the meantime:
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  "signupDate": {
    "$gte": "2022-01-01"
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@future-teacher-7046 I don't see Attributes under settings? You mean in the UI?
Hi James, what version are you running?
If you're self hosting, you may want to update. We added it on Jan 31st
if you have 'features' you can also get to that menu from the 'show setup' link on that features page.
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@fresh-football-47124 Thank you so much. I only saw V1 and did not see a later release. Will update.
@fresh-football-47124 Thank you. Had used master from Github. Then realized there were docker images. So all good. Thank you.