Is there a chance there will be updates to the nor...
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Is there a chance there will be updates to the northstar metric panel on the main page? Need some more configuration, specifically
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- being able to filter out "in progress conversions" the same way it's done on the experiment results page
- being able to include only users who have seen a certain page (for instance, on the experiment results page I can see conversions for users who visited a pricing page and converted 24 hours after visiting it) after the experiment stops, we need to monitor the same exact metric with the same conditions
- being able to apply segments, filters and dimensions to the northstar metrics
Yes, we want to improve the north stars to make them more adjustable and flexible. Just not sure how soon we can get to it. If you had to prioritize your list, what would you like to see first?
• filtering out "in progress" conversions would probably be high on the list since it confuses participants and gives an illusion of the metric going down and I assume that's the most simple thing to implement. • being able to analyze northstar metrics by users who saw a certain page is also important for me (altough I suspect it might not be as important to others) since we want to be able to compare "live metrics" to those we saw in the experiment results and see whether there was any difference between "experiment" results and "live" ones (how well it was generalized)