Hi, is it possible to run growth book without mong...
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Hi, is it possible to run growth book without mongodb? I'd like to host it on GCP Cloud Run so better for us would be to not have mongodb or use Firestore. Also one more question, can it run on only one port? On Cloud Run there is limit of one port per service
I see that I can use API_HOST to provide url. So I can create two services with different ports, yes? But still MonboDB is problematic:D
Mongodb is required. You could use MongoDB Atlas, which is a managed service that runs on top of GCP. They have a generous free tier. For the ports, you can run multiple containers, one for the front end and one for the back end and just expose one port each.
@future-teacher-7046, I know one of the engineering leads and managers for MongoDB Atlas. He’s one of the most amazing engineers and people I know. DM if an intro is ever wanted.
Will consider mongo and also forking growth book to use Datastore:D