Hi there, I am a new to Growthbook as well as A/B ...
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Hi there, I am a new to Growthbook as well as A/B testing. I'm a bit confused with the Platform and the SDK client. Is the platform a dashboard for experimenters to setup and view experiments? Do I need the platform or just the client SDK is enough to setup and run an experiment? Thanks!
It's currently unclear to me now how I can connect my website/app to the platform.
Hi Ting - thanks for the feedback
The SDK is used to help you do the variation assignments and bucketing of your users in code
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it can be used without the rest of the platform
the main platform can be used as an experiment reporting and visualization platform
or it can be used for managing A/B tests using remote configuration
so it can be used as you like really
what are your needs?
if you don't have a data warehouse for events, we can help with that as well
Thanks, Graham! So for the first picture, the platform is linked with my website/app through a data warehouse as experiment reporting.
just wonder for the second picture, how can I use the platform for remote configuring an a/b test?
ya, so in the second picture you can pull in the experiment configurations using an (cacheable) API call
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the results that API returns can be set through the front end of the platform
(or you can use the visual experiment editor)
Thanks a lot, Graham. Everything seems to make sense now 🙂