Ok. basic a/b up and running. i have little to no ...
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Ok. basic a/b up and running. i have little to no experience with bigquery / google analytics, but i’m trying to set up the metrics. i’ve created a set of 3 tables in bigquery that are shaped like the example,
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  received_at as timestamp,
  context_page_path as url,
  context_user_agent as user_agent
and … so on. … now i need to create a service account? and then within the tracking cb I’ll make a call to the bigquery api to write data?
you have GA for event data currently?
Instead of writing directly to BigQuery, You typically want to use an analytics event tracking system like Segment, Rudderstack, or Jitsu. Those systems queue up events and batch insert them to BigQuery. Much better scalability. Alternatively, you can use an all-in-one system like Mixpanel or Google Analytics which combines event tracking with data storage. In that case you don't need BigQuery at all.
for event data, currently, the only platforms I have any real experience with with are adobe analytics and optimizely
i can sign up for segment/rudderstack, etc, but I’m trying to stick with things that are currently in play elsewhere.
prob. going to set up a rudderstack acc just to see the whole pipeline in effect.
Ok. I'm happy to jump on a call if you have any questions or need any data pipeline advice.
Hah. thats awesome. Yah, lets talk. I’ve got a meeting at 11 but i’m otherwise available before noon and after 2, est.
How about 2:30pm est?
We can do Google Meet if you want instead - meet.google.com/zsk-jnmr-mho Might be easier in case we need to screen share for anything