Hey! Thanks again for a great product! :raised_han...
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Hey! Thanks again for a great product! 🙌 I have another feedback/feature request 😊 Would it be possible to add the possibility to use the
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'{{ startDate }}' AND '{{ endDate }}'
parameters to Segments (and Dimensions..?) too? Context: We have users going in and out of certain habit groups, and I’d like to make sure to use the group they are in at the point of the experiment, and not before. I get errors trying to use these parameters now.. 🤔
Thanks for the idea. @future-teacher-7046 any thoughts?
That is an interesting solution to that problem. The one issue with the date placeholders is that they are the same for all users and don't take into account exactly when someone was exposed to the experiment. For example, if a user sees the experiment on day 1 of the test and enters the segment on day 7.
The alternative is making segments (and dimensions) select 2 date columns, a start date and end date. Then you could return multiple rows for a user if needed and we could do the filtering on our side to take into account the actual experiment exposure time for each user.
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Even better if I could use the time when the user enters the experiment 😍 Like you say, we’d need to feed the segment end dates also to the segment definition, and fetch when experiment_assigned time is in between those. If that would be possible, it would be a lot better!