Hiya ! So we are test driving Growthbook rn with o...
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Hiya ! So we are test driving Growthbook rn with our Product team and one pain point we’ve noticed is setting up experiments. We are doing experiment assignment internally using our own system so we have to manually pull the experiment tracking ID, the segment IDs etc; is there any sort of automated way to create experiments along with the splits. I.e. can we feed that data in and then have the experiment made automatically so we don’t have to make them by hand each time
Are you using the cloud version or self-hosting? And if self-hosting what build are you using? (bottom left by the View Docs button)
In the latest version, when you click the "Add Experiment" button, it looks in your datasource and detects new experiments for you automatically. When you click the "Import" button it pre-fills the tracking id, variation ids, dates, and traffic split.
@ancient-truck-93012 are you looking for experiments to be in growthbook before they are running in production or after? If after they are already being assigned to users etc, what @future-teacher-7046 suggested is how we are testing the project as an analysis/monitoring tool, but not a tool for running experiments/feature flagging since we have a robust system for that already.