I have a feedback which might not be great from th...
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I have a feedback which might not be great from the statistical point of view (I am not sure). Is it possible to add the required sample rate given the current uplift and current base conversion rate? Example, I have these stats in my current experiment. It's been running for a while and we didn't have the prior conversion rates so we rely on ones generated by growthbook to calculate the required sample. We use statistical calculator to figure out the required sample size, but maybe it would make sense to have it in the interface. Again, I'm not sure it makes sense from the statistical point of view
hey, not part of growthbook, but having power test functionality does make sense in my mind 🙂
the thing is that, on top of Python, R, etc libraries, you have quite some tools online doing this https://www.gigacalculator.com/calculators/power-sample-size-calculator.php
(just first thing that I found in a quick search)
My guess is that the GB backlog is pretty deep right now
and that this kind of functionality has a big impact in the UX, so not super trivial to add...