Another question: we now have a self-hosted Growth...
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Another question: we now have a self-hosted Growthbook instance running and a bunch of past experiments in the database. If I import any experiment, I can analyze its results, but the experiment is always marked as either "Stopped" (end date is before current date when importing) or "Did not finish" (end date is after current data when importing). In any case, I think the results would not update automatically, right? Is there a way to import a still running experiment? This is necessary if we want to use another source of experiment assignment other than Growthbook's SDK.. Or am I missing something?
We weren't really thinking about that use case of the import button, but it makes sense. A quick solution would be to let you pick the status during the import. On GitHub, when you push a new branch, it's automatically detected and it prompts you to create a Pull Request for it. We want to eventually do something similar in GrowthBook where we detect new experiment ids automatically and surface them to you.
yeah, i'm seeing in the import json that there is a following setting
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"implementation": "code",
  "status": "stopped",
is it true that if that was switched to something like "running" it would work like an experiment that is launched via the SDK?
Yes, I think that should do it.
This is fixed in the latest Docker build. When importing, you can now choose between "running" or "stopped".
this is awesome, we're going to try it asap