# contributing


09/22/2021, 10:24 AM
hi! I/we are thinking of building a Drupal Module, to integrate GrowthBook easily into Drupal™ DXP Open Source System. 1. is there some kind of reference with fields etc, we could have. It is not best practise in Drupal to directly have a text-long field to just paste the js. We would like to define the ID/url of the system on a settings page and add needed js automatically and have some other fields which defines other settings/values by defualt and maybe have settings per page too, whcih can be handled then via differnet users/permissions directly on the page etc. … settings for visual editor etc… Is there some kind of document/reference we can look at? 2. is there some kind of funding/support for such integrations? Here our Drupal company page as a reference of what we do 😛


09/22/2021, 2:54 PM
Hi Nico, a Drupal module sounds like a great idea! 1. I think the simplest version of this would have fields for the visual editor settings (documented at ) and the module would generate and add the javascript to the HEAD of every page. 2. What kind of support specifically are you looking for?


09/22/2021, 3:32 PM
thx for the info/suggestions! e.g. a subsidy of covering a small part of the initial costs we will have developing/testing/contributing the module. Supporting organization are then also mentioned/linked on the Drupal project page. This would help to get more “drive” into this 😛
I gave booked a meeting for next week. cU then 🙂