Hey growthbook team! I really love the concept of ...
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Hey growthbook team! I really love the concept of the User Id Join Table that you can optionally configure in each source. However, I have added SQL there that stitches user_id and anonymous_id together, but it is never actually part of any queries in my experiments. When I configure analysis in an experiment to use user_id instead of anonymous_id as User Id column, is when I expect this user id join table to be included in the query, is this the case? I remember seeing it part of my queries once, but haven’t been able to replicate it since
It will only be used when a metric and experiment are using different user ids. For example, if the experiment is based on anonymous id, but your metric only selects a user id column. If your metric selects both user id and anonymous id columns, it doesn't need the join table.
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I see! Thank you for the response