At <Pipedream>, one core metric we want to monitor...
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At Pipedream, one core metric we want to monitor is the number of workflows (automations) that users create. I want to make sure I’m correctly defining this metric. Since we have a record of all workflows created, I’m selecting the
, the
of creation, and a value of
, since creating a workflow should increment the measure:
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  created_at AS timestamp,
  1 AS value
FROM workflows
Is that correct? Separately we’re tracking a binomial metric on the users that reach the state of “created at least one workflow”, but since the goal of some experiments is to move the total count of workflows, and the goal of others is to move the rate of users that reach the state of creating at least one workflow, we thought both metrics were appropriate.
Yes, that looks correct.
It's common to have both a binomial and count metric with almost the exact same query
cool, that makes sense!