Hey! Is there anywhere I can read about Saved Grou...
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Hey! Is there anywhere I can read about Saved Group functionality?
Hey, @silly-rain-71204! There isn't any formal documentation yet (I can create a ticket to do so) but in the meantime, I can answer any questions you might have. Currently, it's a way to define a group of users/organizations/team members/etc that need to be referenced often with feature flag targeting. You can define what attribute you want to define them with (ex - userId) and then manually type our a comma-separated list of those userIds. Then, when creating feature flags, you can build rules based on whether or not a user is/is not in a saved group. We have discussed adding the ability to define these groups via SQL, but that hasn't been prioritized yet.
It sounds like a very useful functionality! Thanks, now it became more clear to me. But I don't see where in Feature I can apply this created group
Oh, sorry, found it in conditions 🙂 Thanks for your reply
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