When you're switching from one data source to anot...
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When you're switching from one data source to another, naturally you'd want to look at the same experiments from both data sources...
Thanks James - we can try to support this use case
Actually, I think we already do
the experiment name needs to be unique, but you can adjust the experiment Id to be the same in both reports
I just added a GitHub issue to turn this into a soft warning instead of a fatal error. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/issues/686
the experiment name was definitely different - we added
to the end, but the experiment_id was the same
admittedly I didn't try changing it after creation
I tested it after creation, and it let me change it
as a temp measure, we changed the BQ query to
concat('test_', e.experiment_key)
which worked
btw one slightly confusing thing, just from a documentation perspective, is that most things refer to an "experiment ID", but in the SDK it's
rather than
- might be good to adjust or alias that for consistency
I do have a much more interesting/nuanced question for you too, but will need to share that a bit later!
yes, thanks - it’s an inconsistency
I’ll open an issue
btw I did also notice a small issue when metrics are archived - they stop appearing in the selection lists when editing experiments, but it still queries for them Editing and hitting save without changing doesn't work. To resolve, you have to remove another (non-archived metric) and re-add it