:wave: I am trying to build a metric using <funnel...
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👋 I am trying to build a metric using funnel metrics, but a bit lost on how this works. How do I reference an existing metric in my new metric query? Also, the usage of User Value Aggregation isn't clear in the documentation.
Hi Efren. Lets say you have 2 steps in your funnel. You would create separate metrics for each step. For example: 1.
select user_id, timestamp from step1
select user_id, timestamp from step2
Step 1 doesn't need anything special to work. For Step 2, you'll need to set the denominator to Step 1 to turn it into a funnel metric. That will make the metric
(step 2 conversions) / (step 1 conversions)
, in other words the percent of people on step 1 who completed step 2.
User Value Aggregation is used for count, duration, and revenue metrics. When the metric SQL returns multiple rows for a user (e.g. they made multiple purchases), the User Value Aggregation tells you how to combine them together. By default, we do
. So if they made 3 purchases, we would sum the values together and it would be treated as 1 big purchase instead.
Is that query on a single metric?
ahh I think I get it now
Each funnel step is a separate metric. You refer to the previous funnel step using the Denominator dropdown
So the main query on #2 is the numerator only for the ratio.
Does it allow percentage? I havent got to show up percentage on a metric (e.g %)
If you choose the metric type as
then it will treat it as a percentage
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Re user value aggregation, is that used within the query or the input field that says "User Value Aggregation". I tried using PERCENTILE() but doesnt work.
The aggregation is defined separately from the numerator query in it's own text input. The only column you have access to from the numerator is
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