Hi. Asked a question in the “feedback” channel but...
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Hi. Asked a question in the “feedback” channel but maybe it got overlooked. I get an impression something might not be right when trying to get the experiment length in the Ideas section. When checking the query that is used for fetching data about historical conversions for my metric, I noticed this:
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      user_id as user_id,
      1 as value,
      CAST(m.timestamp as DATETIME) as timestamp,
      CAST(m.timestamp as DATETIME) as conversion_start,
      CAST(m.timestamp as DATETIME) as conversion_end
The metric I provided has a conversion window of 48 hours and the delay of 24 hours, but it doesn’t look like it’s reflected here. Maybe I got the wrong idea about how it’s supposed to work?
Hi Yevhen, sorry about that
Looks like that is a bug
would you like to open an issue? I can do it if you’re busy
Oh, got it. Really looking forward to use this feature, find it very convenient. I might have a hard time opening an issue on GitHub, so if you can do that, would be great. Of course I can always try
okay, no problem
Conversion windows are only used when analyzing experiment results. If you look further in the query, you'll see that the conversion_start and conversion_end columns are not referenced anywhere else in that query. They are only there because we reuse some CTEs between various queries that we run.