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Good morning GB πŸ™‚ We have added some denominators to our metrics in preprod but when downloading the config file, we can't see in the code the denominators. So they are not migrated to production. Is it something on our side or yours? We didn't find the field in the documentation either: It should be somewhere here in the metrics params code right?
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    type: binomial
    name: Sign Ups
    userIdType: user_id
    datasource: warehouse
    sql: SELECT user_id, anonymous_id, received_at as timestamp FROM signups
FYI @stocky-nest-87172
I think that's a bug on our end. We need to update the config.yml import/export to support that denominator field and also add it to the docs. I'll make a GitHub issue for that.
Nvm, I see you (or someone) already created an issue.
Yes! That'd be the dev on my team πŸ™‚ we created it together!
Super then we'll wait for the fix! Thanks!
Hi @future-teacher-7046 following up on this, do we have an ETA approximation for the fix? ☺️
We're planning to fix that this week, hopefully by end of tomorrow
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Perfect, thank you!
Just FYI we can now see ratio metrics in production perfectly! Thank you so much for the agility in solving this πŸ™Œ