:wave: first, great work and progress on Growthboo...
# announcements
👋 first, great work and progress on Growthbook. I've seen more new features shipping each time. Out of curiosity, are there any plans to enable multiple "Segment" for an experiment? Right now, I can only select one Segment. What if I need to run the experiment on multiple segments (or pages)? Thanks!
Hi Efren, thanks! Can you explain a bit more how that would work? Like combining segments into the analysis?
Let's say we have different home pages -- image homepage, video homepage, music homepage, etc. If I'd like to set the experiment eligibility on some segments. Of course, an option I could do is create a single segment that does this all. But sometimes we will need to only say run on 2 homepages. Just curious if having an option to multiple-select segments, it would be nice.
Perhaps I'm just confused on the usage of "Assignment Query" vs "Segment" in an experiment