Hi Team How can we calculate average metrics in Gr...
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Hi Team How can we calculate average metrics in GrowthBook not only for one user, we have to calculate and show metrics for all users Example we have users who can purchase 10 goods per day and users who can purchase 1 goods per day. We have metric AGCPU (Average Goods Count Per User) = count purchased goods / count distinct user_id ( 1,500,000 / 10,000 = 150) But GB counts initially average goods per one user_id and then calculates average between previous average counts. Other words : count average between average of purchases per one customer. Did you have similar requests maybe?
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To do that, you should use SUM for your per-user aggregation. That will get one row per user with the total number of goods purchased. GrowthBook always does avg at the end when it groups users by variation, so you will end up with your AGCPU metric.
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