Hi there, I was wondering how it is determined whe...
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Hi there, I was wondering how it is determined when something will show up in
chance to beat control
- I was looking through the docs to see if there's some threshold or if it's in our settings but I have not found it
On the metric page, if you edit the behavior settings and go to the advanced setting, there's a
Minimum Sample Size
option that defaults to 150 conversions. Until one of the variations reaches that number, it will show "not enough data"
ah! got it. Thank you!
can you share more about why 150 is the default? (trying to understand if it's arbitrary or not, and whether we should change it)
if the number is too low, it could be caused by random variation in events
you can lower it as you see fit
We've found numbers tend to stabilize around 100-200 conversions, so picked 150 as the default
thank you!