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06/30/2022, 1:20 PM
Hi guys, 1 - How can I export my features to the json file 2 - How can I group a features by subjects 3 How can I define a features for different enviroments(prod,dev, etc) 4 the same question how can I define a users and assign them for specific features. Thx a lot


06/30/2022, 1:34 PM
Hello. 1. There is an API endpoint to get all of the features as a JSON to pass into SDKs. If you click on "Show Setup Steps" on the features page and "View Instructions", you'll see the API endpoint at the top. 2. For grouping features, you can use tags or projects (which you can define under settings) 3. You can add environments under Settings -> Environments. Features are shared between all environments, but you can create rules to define different behavior for each environment. 4. GrowthBook doesn't store any of your user info. So instead, you specify user attributes under Settings -> Attributes and then create rules in features and add targeting conditions based on those user attributes