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another question 🙂 we are thinking how are we going to be able to track the users that only "see" an experiment meaning, a user lands on a page, gets allocated to 'B' but doesn't do anything else, how will growthbook know this user was part of the experiment? cc: @hallowed-portugal-31753
When you track experiment you are making a db connection between userId - experiment id and variation, so even if user doesn’t see anything it’s being counted
in order to facilitate that don’t miss the tracking mechanism from SDK
Thanks @chilly-umbrella-90459! So this is also the moment of allocation?
yes, after allocation we fire the trackingCallback function where we pass the experiment, user id, and variation
it is up to you to track that event to your data warehouse using whatever event tracking system you like
(if you don't have any event tracking setup, we can recommend some)
Clear, thanks! Yep, we use rudderstack, and we'll want to also have this in our dwh, to be able to stamp our user behavior data with experiment ids
Something that will allow us to look at funnel/segments by experiment
Thanks @fresh-football-47124 for helpful insights 🙂