hello folks, do you have an estimate to average co...
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hello folks, do you have an estimate to average cost of hosting GrowthBook? we are not expecting loads of traffic (few months down the road, this can be few 10s of thousands of users each month)
With e.g. 10k users, it could quite easily be zero (e.g. making use of existing capacity), but it's entirely dependent on how you run your infrastructure
I think it could easily be run on the cheapest DO droplet or whatever
practically, you'd probably want to run MongoDB separately/managed, but you can do that for free with MongoDB Atlas
so essentially, minimal setup cost can be like $5/mo
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Thanks :)
fwiw I do not work for Growthbook, just explaining the nature of running a lightweight Docker image
but np 🙂
Thanks 🙏
We thought about hosting mongodb on gcp/aws and that seems to come with a high cost
Any guidelines to estimate the right size we need?
I believe AWS Document DB is theoretically compatible with MongoDB (but it is not actually MongoDB), but honestly I'd never host it anywhere other than MongoDB Atlas Atlas serverless or shared would be fine for Growthbook's use - bear in mind GB doesn't store any analytics/event/user data, it's only storing small amounts of info for the people on your GB instance, the features you have set up etc https://www.mongodb.com/pricing - assuming you're a fairly small company at this stage, I'd have thought the free offering would be plenty for at least the next year, perhaps even forever I think you can choose the cloud/region so it's low latency to your backend etc
Could also slap cloudflare in front of GB to act as a CDN/cache for the features, but again it's probably unnecessary - GB is lightweight and mostly just keeping a track of features
Super helpful @busy-horse-73824 , much appreciated!
I second what James said. Total cost can be as low as $5/month, even with millions of users and thousands of feature flags and experiments. Free tier of MongoDB Atlas, container hosting like Fargate, and a CDN or cache.
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imo the real question is the ops cost of developers to maintain it all, which is why we just went with GB cloud instead
Will take that into account as well James, thanks again!
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