Is there any explicit adjustment for multiple test...
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Is there any explicit adjustment for multiple testing in growthbook? I know the danger of multiple testing/comparisons in bayesian inference is debated, so just wondering if there’s an official take on that or best practice recommendations.
We haven’t built in any multiple testing correction so far. When we show dimensional analysis with high cardinality we show a warning message and turn off the statistical analysis by default. We encourage users to use dimensional analysis as data points for followup experiments, and not to use them causally
Thanks (and agree about caution with dimensional analysis). One follow-up — as far as we can tell the risk thresholds are set for a given metric wherever is is used. It’s not possible to adjust the thresholds for a given metric for a specific experiment. Is that right? Is there any functionality to that affect that we’re missing? (cc @wide-jordan-14758)
at the moment, you can set risk thresholds per metric, but not per experiment
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@stocky-vr-71737 your project doesn’t include this, does it?
This is correct, currently we do not have per-experiment overrides for risk threshold. Although that is certainly something we could add (Adding would be quite similar to our per-experiment metric conversion window overrides, launching soon...)
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