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12/07/2022, 3:38 AM
Does anyone know if any of the clients have the ability to override toggles locally? So lets say I am launching the application locally for development but I want to override the value of feature toggle that is off in the dev environment so that it is on while I am doing development. Is there is there any standard across the clients to support something like this. For example maybe using environment variables, or something?


12/07/2022, 4:01 AM
There are a few ways to do this. One is way would be to add an attribute like ‘isDev’ and then target on that, or use a ‘dev’ environment and create custom rules for that environment


12/07/2022, 3:46 PM
hmm, the use case I have though is say 6 devs all with their own local development environments. So I was thinking I could create separate environments for each of them and then locally via their environment configs they could set the appropriate API keys for the environment.
The other option I have dealt with in other toggle libraries for other languages is being able to use environment variables to locally override a toggle. So in those cases generally developers would have their toggles use the dev environment api key but then locally they would be able to override the toggle values with an environment vairable.
Or in the case of flutter maybe a
Oh, I see what you are saying with the targeting you are effectively defining an explicit canary group. That isn't exactly what I am looking for. See comments above where I further explain. @fresh-football-47124 curious what your thoughts are on them and how best to achieve something like it.