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Hey! 👋 I need your help 🙂 Context: - the main flow of our new users: landing page → start of onboarding → registration → end of onboarding - there is a feature - config for managing screens in the onboarding flow - we conduct an experiment - two variations with splitting users by ID Problem: - when the user first lands on the landing page, he gets a “temporary” ID - this “temporary” ID goes to the MixPanel and is also used by GrowthBook to bind users to the variant - after registration on the backend, a “permanent” user ID is generated - in Mixpanel there is a merging of user data and events between “temporary” and “permanent” IDs - this works out of the box - but in GrowthBook, the user can be linked to another variant, since the id has changed - so the user can get into another variant to end onboarding, which breaks our logic and kills the value of the experiment. Is it possible to merge IDs for GrowthBook so that the user keeps the variant they started with?
This is not directly possible with GrowthBook. What we recommend in this scenario is to continue using the temporary id for the entirety of the onboarding experiment, even after they create an account.
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