Hi. We use GB to run A/B tests, often with many va...
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Hi. We use GB to run A/B tests, often with many variations. Often, when developing or QAing a change, we'll want to force a specific variation to be served. Currently, we have two ways to do this: • Serve 100% of that variation on Staging environment. ◦ This is annoying because it requires that we go into GB for each change, and for larger changes when we want multiple people to review, it requires lots of coordination etc • Use incognito or multiple browsers and re-open/refresh so that we get a new user id and thus served a new version ◦ This is annoying because its non-deterministic and doesn't work if the A/B test is being run deeper into the experience I'm wondering if theres a good way / known pattern to allow for forcing a specific version without modifying the split.
Hey Michael, you can use the GrowthBook Chrome Extension
@thankful-camera-8271, very helpful. I'm immediately noticing that the extension UI is majorly flickering. Any idea why that would be happening
(oh, you dont work at GB. my bad)