01/04/2023, 2:52 AM
Hi team, We’re exploring GrowthBook for feature flag (and experiment in the future). I have a basic question regarding rollout. My understanding is that features and rule information are sent from GB server and will be calculated/processed by client SDK. Let say I want to rollout a feature to only 20% of our users. Who assign which user that will get the feature and who will keep track of it? Thanks! 🙂
apologise for basic question, tried to watch the youtube videos and read the documentation and still couldn’t figure it out


01/04/2023, 2:54 AM
Hi Fajar, Usually it is assigned randomly to your users. When you select the rollout, you choose what user attribute you are randomizing by.
more specifically, we will create a hash of the feature name, and the user attribute your targeting, and get a value from 0 to 1. If you are targeting 20%, we’ll only show the feature to users who get a value <= 0.2


01/04/2023, 2:56 AM
Got it, clear. Thanks a lot Graham! Nice to meet you 🙂
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