Hey there! We are self-hosting Growthbook in a POC...
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Hey there! We are self-hosting Growthbook in a POC right now and have a couple questions: 1. Which features are exclusive to the Enterprise license? I am on the Enterprise trial now. 2. Our experiment analysis is slow (> 1 hour on cold start) even without having our full metric data connected. The particular experiment I’m looking at has 12M users. Is this processing time expected? Any recommendations on how to improve its speed? Or else, is there a way to schedule the results report or an API that we could use to programmatically kick off the analysis? 3. We’re making do with Redshift for the POC but a Databricks connector is a blocker for product. Graham mentioned work has been started on this so curious if my team could contribute to the effort. CC: @billions-hair-11681 Happy to jump on a call if it’s easier to chat!
Hi Vertika
happy to chat about these, do you have some time that works for you?
If it’s easier, you can grab some time here: https://calendly.com/growthbook