Hi there, I am interested in audit logs of user a...
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Hi there, I am interested in audit logs of user activity Growthbook UI (the way how A/B experiments are configured, what exactly users are doing and what they change). Is there any way to get that data? In Growthbook docs I little information about audit trail for feature flags values changes. But that is it. So, please point me onto proper documentation if there are audit logs capabilities. Thanks in advance.
@fresh-football-47124 I can see that you respond on people’s questions. Maybe you can help me with that ^
hi Anver
we have full audit logs for all changes made to features, and feature rules
is that what you mean?
yes, and even more - I am interested in all actions that users could made in growthbook UI, not only features, but, for example - experiments setup
I see
I’m not sure we audit those actions
let me check the code
looks like we do log it
I can give an example of the case I am interested at: 1. user log in in system 2. create and experiment 3. configures data source 4. changes some feature flags 5. updates experiment 6. log out for all of these actions, I would like to see some records in history / audit. Like an answer on question “When / What / Who did in Growthbook?” and if you have something like this, can it be accessed in the UI? or maybe that information is available only in logs? if so, can we split technical logs from these audit?
but it’s not exposed
can you open an issue for this? It shouldn’t be hard to add
sure, thanks! 🤝
@millions-machine-60799 can you do that for us, please?
Hi! @fresh-football-47124 where can I open an issue? Do I need to write to support or is there a special form on the site?