Hi <@U01TCPDB58C> <@U01T6HCHD0A> If I want to get ...
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Hi @future-teacher-7046 @fresh-football-47124 If I want to get GB feature based on the project id, like features only for specific project then how I can achieve this my use latest version of js sdk?
In GrowthBook, you can create a separate SDK Connection for that specific project. It will give you a new API key and features endpoint that will only return features in the chosen project/environment.
There is one more concer @future-teacher-7046 If I use
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// Wait for features to be downloaded
await gb.loadFeatures({
  // When features change, update the GrowthBook instance automatically
  // Default: `false`
  autoRefresh: true,
  // If the network request takes longer than this (in milliseconds), continue
  // Default: `0` (no timeout)
  timeout: 2000
This code and after that just update some configuration on the GB cloud, after in sdk I won't see any changes until I restart the server.