Hi all — We’re wondering whether other companies h...
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Hi all — We’re wondering whether other companies have tried running a Growthbook test on a landing page for first time users. We have had issues with glitches when we used growthbook plugin clientside (because we do everything via server side rendering, so the page glitches because it first shows control then client side switches to test cell). Our stack is Nuxt with Vuejs. Does anyone have suggestions for how to proceed?
Hey Erica, we just built a remix ssr site with growthbook. We use the landing page loader to fetch the features from remix server side and then pass them to the template. We were originally doing the feature fetch client side and found this works better
Unsure what the nuxt analog to a remix loader is but im sure theres something
We made an example repo using next.js SSR. https://github.com/growthbook/examples/tree/main/next-js not sure how translatable that is to Nuxt, but maybe it will help.
Thanks so much for the reactivity here!!
Jumping on this thread, as we have wondered how we best track the "experiment viewed" event when doing pure SSR. Since the GrowthBook instance is living on the server, we no longer have access to it in the rendered app (next.js for example). Do we have to do the tracking then on the server as well? Or is there another wrapper / component we can use on the client to track the viewed experiment?