Hey team! We love GrowthBook and are ready to star...
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Hey team! We love GrowthBook and are ready to start our very first A/B test (šŸŽ‰), but we are struggling a bit with Google Analytics as a data source. We would love to: ā€¢ identify a visitor's country based on the GA dimension "country" ā€¢ split the traffic 50/50 for only certain countries as part of an experiment Could you help out with how we can configure this in the UI? (we are not on GA4 yet)
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GA:UA is quite limited in amount data we get back, and as such, the features we have for it in GrowthBook
GA4 has complete support for segmenting by any dimension
Ok thank you, good to know! So if we switched to GA4, we could configure the above in the UI without additional engineering work? Just to make sure, since there is no documentation guide yet for GrowthBook & GA4.