Hi everyone, hope you can help clarify how the exp...
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Hi everyone, hope you can help clarify how the experiment platform works. 1. I configured an experiment from the feature menu setting the experiment to 100% of traffic with a 50/50 split. Then from the Experiment menu I created a new phase of 100% of traffic with 80/20 split. If I go back to the feature I still see the 50/50 split. What phase of my experiment is currently running, the 50/50 or the 80/20? 2. When I mark an experiment as won, what happens to the split. Does the split more to 0/100 or do I need to do that manually? What about lost, or inconclusive?
1. We are currently revising this to be more tightly coupled, but the feature is the source of truth for your randomization. The percentage changes you can make in the experiment don't enforce changes on the feature. 2. Marking an experiment is just a way to collect metadata for now. You'll have to change the feature to roll out or shut down the feature.
Thanks Luke. Thats really helpful.