02/09/2023, 6:14 PM
Hi guys, I found your project on the GitHub and noticed that you provide ClickHouse support Would you be interested if I created a pull request that migrates that to the official ClickHouse Node.js client?
there are several advantages that I could think of: • Of course, official support of the latest ClickHouse and Node.js versions, bugfixes and security updates in timely manner • Well-written documentation • Good unit and integration test coverage of the library • It is TypeScript-first • A lot of input and output formats support • It can support select streaming using
formats (JSON, CSV, TSV...) • Further library development will be aligned with CH best practices (for example, in time, we might add Native Protocol if there is demand)


02/09/2023, 8:49 PM
Yeah, that would be great! I don't think there was an official client when we first added support for ClickHouse
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