Hey there, I just tried integrating the trial lice...
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Hey there, I just tried integrating the trial license key into growthbook through settings as mentioned in the docs, but once I entered it’s just stuck on this now and not loading, can anyone please help?
it says this, how should I revert it back?
I see this is the issue, now I want to revert back how should I do?
Hi Biswaroop
Sorry about that, We’re going to look into it
one moment
thanks a lot! we are actually using growthbook in production self hosted, and now once I did this trial license key it took the production growthbook down
do you have access to the mongo instance?
I can help you undo it
yes I can get access to the mongo with the help from my infra team
@fresh-football-47124 I have access to mongodb, will be waiting for your response on how to proceed
yes, just checking with the team
🙏 1
hello there, sorry you're facing issues with the trial license key
so in your Mongo collection for
, there is a field called
you should be able to clear this out and restart your GB server to undo this
I will have a look at your specific license key and see if I can figure out what's going wrong from my end
Meanwhile, would you please be able to DM me your
(which you can find from your same organization doc in Mongo)
hey Bryce removing the licence key field from mongo worked, thanks a lot! sure, DM’ed you