We have hosted the app on one of our machines usin...
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We have hosted the app on one of our machines using docker. To access it via IPs we have added all the suitable env variable like(api_host,app_host,jwt etc.) It was working like a charm for more than a fortnight. Now suddenly since yesterday,app(both ui i.e. port 3000 and api 3100) are throwing connection timeout. when we try telnet(connection check) from other machine it is not connecting. On that (host) machine also if we try curl using localhost it gives a response which means service is up. But if we try the same using IP ,instead of localhost it doesnot return any response. Note :- No error in either of the container's logs. Please Help out if any suggestions. Thanks in advance. (edited)
It is most likely because now that you’re not using localhost, we do some additional checks to make sure GrowthBook is correctly configured for a production environment
the checks include making sure you changes your JWT token secret