Hi, we are investigating using GrowthBook for an a...
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Hi, we are investigating using GrowthBook for an application which has different technologies used in different parts of the customer journey. We would like to be able to cater for the following: • Different teams want to have their own experiments and feature flags. How would you work around this without having some separated projects with different environments? (Since this feature doesn’t seem to be available in the starter tier atleast) • We would like to be able to run experiments cross-technologies in the site. How would that work if we instantiate an AB test using the upcoming Visual Editor in one part of the page and then make sure the experiment ”follows” the user into another part of the application that’s using the react SDK? Thanks in advance
Hello, Marcus I am not part of the GrowthBook team, but hopefully I can help you. Regarding your first question, there might be a better option, but we decided to go with tags, to know which team has ownership over which feature. Finally, regarding the experiments cross-technologies, you should be able to do this without any issue if the user attributes that are used to handle that experiment are the same. So, if you use userId to split the users, and you assign the same userId to that user, you will receive the same assignment.
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