Hiya, I’m having trouble getting GrowthBook to rea...
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Hiya, I’m having trouble getting GrowthBook to read metrics from BigQuery? Or else I misunderstand the metric charts? I have fabricated data in BigQuery and it’s in the events_intraday_ table for today; I can see there are plenty of events but my metric isn’t reading them. I’m sure I am missing something obvious but I just can’t see it… These are my queries: Metric query ------
user_pseudo_id as anonymous_id,
TIMESTAMP_MICROS(event_timestamp) as timestamp
event_name = 'Main CTA'
AND _TABLE_SUFFIX BETWEEN '20230328' AND '20230401'
Logged-in users query ----------------
user_id as user_id,
TIMESTAMP_MICROS(event_timestamp) as timestamp,
experiment_id_param.value.string_value AS experiment_id,
<http://variation_id_param.value.int|variation_id_param.value.int>_value AS variation_id,
geo.country as country,
traffic_source.source as source,
traffic_source.medium as medium,
device.category as device,
device.web_info.browser as browser,
device.operating_system as os
UNNEST(event_params) AS experiment_id_param,
UNNEST(event_params) AS variation_id_param
_TABLE_SUFFIX BETWEEN '{{startYear}}{{startMonth}}{{startDay}}' AND '{{endYear}}{{endMonth}}{{endDay}}'
AND event_name = 'experiment_viewed'
AND experiment_id_param.key = 'experiment_id'
AND variation_id_param.key = 'variation_id'
AND user_id is not null
And here’s a screenshot of the preview of the BigQuery table events_intraday_20230330 where I can see plenty of “Main CTA” events. However all my metric chart shows when I refresh the data, is two events from several days ago. An experiment based on that metric is showing the sort of results I expect however, so maybe I just don’t understand the metric chart?
Did you figure this out?
Thanks, no not yet; I would expect the metric chart to show the same numbers of events as the experiment which uses the same metric, but it only shows 2?