I am sure this is my lack of experience with readi...
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I am sure this is my lack of experience with reading statistical charts, but I’m just not understanding the metric charts? For example I have a ‘count’ metric. I’m using a script to simulate user logins and clicks on a localhost React website, and there are several hundred users on some days (the ones where I ran the script!) who each click the button around 10 times. My experiment data matches this so I think it’s working. But I can’t match this with the metric chart. What is this chart showing? It might be the number of users, but what is ‘n’ and why is it always 2? (I do know that mu and sigma are mean and standard deviation, but why is mu not something like 10, the average number of clicks per user?) Why are the lines always straight? I’d be really grateful for some basic information on how to read these charts.