When using GA4 data through BigQuery, is it possib...
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When using GA4 data through BigQuery, is it possible to include data from the intraday event tables when evaluating experiments so we don’t have to wait for the daily event tables to update? I think it’s as simple as changing the
tables in the experiment queries to
, but not sure if that’s possible.
I’m not sure - but you can try it
you can edit that query from the data sources
Oh I didn’t realize I could edit those - I’ll try that out. Thank you!
Just FYI: I figured out that the current
in the queries was indeed already pulling in the intraday data since those tables match that wildcard too, but then they were filtered out with the
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_TABLE_SUFFIX BETWEEN '{{startYear}}{{startMonth}}{{startDay}}' AND '{{endYear}}{{endMonth}}{{endDay}}'
I replaced that with:
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REGEXP_EXTRACT(_TABLE_SUFFIX, r'[0-9]+') BETWEEN '{{startYear}}{{startMonth}}{{startDay}}' AND '{{endYear}}{{endMonth}}{{endDay}}'
And it now includes all data from both daily events & intraday events tables.
Hi Joshua- that’s cool you got that working - do you think others would want to do this as well? Perhaps you could add something to the GA4 docs for this?
Sure - I’d be happy to. Can you point me to the best place/process to add it?