Hi Folks! I had a couple of quick questions regar...
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Hi Folks! I had a couple of quick questions regarding the GA4 / BigQuery integration. Someone set up the tracking callback in the implementation to use something slightly different to what is in the documentation. Instead of having the experiment_viewed event with the event_category, experiment_id and variation_id properties set on it like shown in the first picture below they have an experiment_viewed event with the following event_category is correct but the data that would normally be in experiment_id is instead inside of event_action and variation_id is labeled event_label as shown in pictures 2 and 3. So I wanted to know: 1. Is that going to work out of the box (I assume not) 2. Can I configure GrowthBook to look for these other event parameters instead or should I update the code to use the correct parameter names?
Hey Mark! I think you can try modifying the Experiment Assignment Query in your Datasource to load rename the parameters this could work fine. At the end of the day so long as the query is pulling the right user, experiment, and variation IDs it should work with our system. So I think your answer to 1 is no, since we pre-populate some queries based on your data source and yours wont' be what our query generators expect. But I think your answer to 2 is yes, you'll just need to modify those queries.
Excellent, thanks so much for that, I really appreciate it.