Hi all! We are starting to use GrowthBook, but I h...
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Hi all! We are starting to use GrowthBook, but I have a question regarding the C# SDK. We are going to have GrowthBook and the Proxy running. In a C# microservice, which connects to the Proxy. When a GrowthBook instance has been created, will it call the proxy, more than the initial call, to get updates about the feature flags? On the proxy page, it mentions this "Streaming - Updates your application in real-time as features are changed or toggled in GrowthBook (Javascript and React only)", which I take to mean that C# SDK will not be able to get updates to feature flags on the go, and an entirely new GrowthBook instance needs to be instantiated again to get updates to the feature flags?
Hi @square-ram-41711 Let me check with the devs and get back to you
currently there is no support for networking in the C# SDK, so no, when the instance has been created it will not call the proxy. right now you'll need to fetch the features manually with your own caching logic and pass them to the SDK.
That is disappointing, but thank you very much for the response.
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