Hello everyone! I am trying to connect to a Clickh...
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Hello everyone! I am trying to connect to a Clickhouse datasource but keep getting an error about self-signed certificate (which we, indeed, use). Would I be right to assume that Clickhouse datasource doesn't support custom SSL certificates? It seems so, but maybe I am missing something
Hey @wonderful-truck-75753 Looking into this, let me get back to you
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You're correct - we don't support it currently. Though advanced SSL configuration is possible with some of our other data sources, it's not yet possible with ClickHouse. We'll add this to our roadmap
Got it, thank you for the prompt response! So, for now we'll have to make do with GA4 + BQ
can you pass in the SSL information via the connection string?
For self-signed certificates you need to upload the certificate. We do it for Postgres and MySQL