Hi, we just released our first feature about Growt...
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Hi, we just released our first feature about Growthbook-integration and faced and issues: Some our users have issue accessing https://cdn.growthbook.io/
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curl: (28) Failed to connect to <http://cdn.growthbook.io|cdn.growthbook.io> port 443 after 75029 ms: Operation timed out
for me it looks like some kind of ISP block or something Does someone faced this kind of problem? Can we create a proxy for https://cdn.growthbook.io/api/features/sdk-xxx endpoint at our side or a/b test will turn into a-test after this?
@alert-engineer-79348 What SDK are you using? And are you using the cloud or a self-hosted version?
as our link is https://cdn.growthbook.io/api/features/sdk-xxx I feel like we are using cloud SDK
is it save to publish our real sdk path?
No need to send the real SDK path, I was just curious which SDK you were using? React, Java, etc?
react and angular at least
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Let me sync with the team really quick.
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That does sound like a networking issue. We don't see anything on our end, so likely an issue with your users device or ISP. There are a few workarounds: 1. Run the GrowthBook Proxy on your infrastructure - https://docs.growthbook.io/self-host/proxy 2. Proxy requests yourself through your back-end (e.g. fetch from the CDN from Node.js and return the JSON to the front-end) 3. Store the feature definitions in your database and keep them up-to-date with webhooks - https://docs.growthbook.io/app/webhooks
ok, than I will use second way and this answer means for me splitting is not depends on ip or user-agent thank you