Hi guys, we re developing a poc to test the integr...
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Hi guys, we re developing a poc to test the integration between growthbook and your app. i need support because we add an experiment and a feature flag but in local environment in the debug console we can see only the feature flag. i share with you the configuration of the experiment to find the cause of the issue: • Attribution Model:*First Exposure* • Metrics Sample Conversions • Coverage 100% traffic, 50/50 split • Traffic coverage: 100% No targeting conditions • Jul 26, 2023 — now
Hi Stefano. Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. I believe that the plugin will not show the experiments if the feature is not actually called on the page.
So like for React SDK something like this is needed:
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const feature1Enabled = useFeatureIsOn("feature1");
  const feature2Value = useFeatureValue("feature2", "fallback");
on the page for the growthbook dev console to show the experiments.
thanks but i already use the hooks in react component to catch experiment value, but the fetch to apiHost return this kind of response
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"features": {
        "first-feature": {
            "defaultValue": false
should i get an "experiment" key?
If you have an experiment rule for the feature then there should be a "rules" property for "first-feature". The key would be within that.
Have you within the Growthbook UI added an experiment as an override rule?
from the /features/first-feature url.
thanks @white-fireman-22476 but i m not talking about the "experiment rule" for the feature, but about "how to create a new experiment" is it mandatory the first step (Connect to your data source)?
The flow has changed recently. You don't need to connect to a datasource to start an experiment, but you obviously do in order to analyze the results.