Hi GrowthBook Team, My client runs a Shopify stor...
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Hi GrowthBook Team, My client runs a Shopify store with various products. I wondered, is there a way to set up metrics like margin per order or any profit related metrics? For reference - intelligems A/B testing does this (here's their support doc) If this is possible, roughly how complex and hard is it to setup? Can you give a high level idea of how it's setup. Thanks.
Hi Chris
We support revenue metrics, which are defined in SQL, and can be anything like margin per order, as long as that data is available in their data warehouse
so in intelligems, you either add a fixed cost or upload a spreadsheet. For GrowthBook, you can do similar. Fixed values (like shipping) can be defined in the SQL, and COGS could be queried from the data warehouse (could do a simple join on product id as well)
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